Installation by Harald Haraldsson and Super Nature Design
Produced by Wonwei and Super Nature Design
Harald Haraldsson and Shanghai-based design studio Super Nature Design collaborated on an interactive art installation for the 2011 International Science and Art Exhibition in Shanghai. The installation, named PRISMA 1666, focuses on the light refraction properties of a prism, allowing the user to experience these properties by interacting with various colors, angles, and shapes being projected onto a group of prisms.

In 1666, Sir Isaac Newton conducted a famous experiment that has been widely considered as a landmark discovery in the study of optics and color theory. Inspired by this discovery, PRISMA 1666 is an interactive light installation consisting of 15 triangular crystal blocks distributed randomly on a clean white surface. The projection of colorful graphics is refracted and dispersed by these crystal blocks, creating a fascinating visual experience and ambiance. The installation enables interaction with the projected colors, angles, and shapes through a touch interface, creating an opportunity to experiment with these elements like Isaac Newton did so many years before us.

The work was exhibited at the Creative Futures exhibition at the China Museum of Digital Art in Beijing. Featured on The Creators Project's list of best interactive installations of 2011. Received Best Creative Design Award at the 2011 International Science and Art Exhibition in Shanghai.

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